Most of the times the teeth treated on the channels suffer a change in the color of the enamel losing its translucency. They get a shade of gray that comes from the inside of the tooth and can only be treated with whitening agents. A new whitening agent is ozonated plasma, which due to its high oxidation and enamel penetration power is able to bring the enamel color to the natural shade. The procedure consists in insulating it inside the tooth and in a few minutes the tooth is bleached.


Tooth whitening is the most requested dental cosmetic treatment of patients in the dentist's office. Dental bleaching is indicated to all patients who want to have a bright and attractive smile.

Whitening with OZONYTRON - OZ is also called Bio-whitening because it is the safest whitening method. Ozone bleaching is done in a controlled atmosphere and does not cause side effects such as dental sensitivity, as we encounter in classic whitening methods.

Tooth whitening is done on both integral arches. The whitening session lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and the procedure can be repeated immediately until the desired shade is achieved. Usually 1-3 bleaching procedures are required in the same session.

The advantages of this revolutionary method of dental bleaching are:

  • a bleaching can be done immediately after the scrubbing session, so gingival bleeding is reduced and gingival healing processes activated due to ozone detoxification protocols.
  • fast and efficient whitening
  • a lack of post-whitening dental hypersensitivity
  • dental structures are unaffected (due to the lack of whitening agents)
  • a disinfection of the entire mouth, causing the reduction of the risk of cariogen and periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • a whitening can be repeated as often as necessary without the appearance of dental sensitivity.
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